Educational Services


The International Health Academy (IHA) helps healthcare providers, organizers and patients in all possible ways that may improve healthcare services. Medical education and publication are the cores of our services and our ultimate way to improve healthcare services and are seen as bridges to quality patient care. Hereunder are a list of our educational services:

Providing CME events

• Skill Courses

• Simulated Clinical Environment Courses

• Simulating Medical Laboratory Courses

• Health Leadership/management Courses

• Symposium/ Conferences

All courses, symposiums and conferences could be tailored to the educational needs of the providers.

CME Accreditation

We help CME/CPD providers in designing conflict free educational events. This applies to courses, symposiums and conferences. We revise with the chairpersons, tutors and speakers any possible bias or conflict and advise how to relieve them. We facilitate the provision of suitable CME, CPD or AEU relevant to the programme. If you plan to run an educational activity, contact us and we will immediately help you planning it to be an accredited educational event.

Determination of Educational Gaps

Upon organising any CME activity, it is important to determine relevant educational gaps. Gaps could be inadequate knowledge and/or skills or lack or updates about certain subject/s. Events are always designed to cover existing educational gaps. IHA team will help the CME providers to evaluate their proposed educational gaps and the determination of educational needs.

Assessment of Educational Needs

Once the educational gaps are determined, the real needs to cover those gaps should be assessed and how urgent they should be covered. IHA will help CME providers going over this process and ensure that event is properly designed to cover clear needs.

Event Objectives

Every CME provider should make the events objectives clear. What is going to be achieved when attended this event. The objectives may be divided into different phases, particularly when the course is log. IHA team may again help in copy writing those objectives nd event outcome if they are not written or not properly written.

Syllabus Designing

It is very important for the success of any CME event to prepare a suitable syllabus.

If this is any problem with this, IHA team in the concerned specialty may help in writing up that syllabus and tailor it according to the needs of the candidates.

Tutors’ Recruitment

If there is a shortage of tutors, IHA could help recruiting tutors and teaching staff who fit to the course needs. However, IHA should be informed at least 3 months in advance.