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Who we are?

International Health Academy (IHA) is a leading independent organization, founded in 2002 with the mandate of promoting and advancing medical education.
Inspired by the shared objectives and principles of the founders, IHA strategic focus stems from the common concept of utilising continuing medical education (CME) as a bridge to quality in healthcare services.

International Health Academy

IHA has pioneered professional development in medical education and publication for just more than a decade, with its unique range of programmes and services which combine practical experience with a global mindset that was supported by partnerships with leading regional and global institutions, medical societies and ministries of health.

Over the last decade of its establishment, IHA has built its reputation as a leading organisation in the development of medical education and publication, on a continuing commitment to excellence, passion for providing outstanding services, and dedication to increasing the exposure of healthcare providers’ access to the international experience, while adjusting to the specificity of the educational gaps and needs.

IHA financial resources consist of consist of capital investments, annual membership fees of individuals and organisations; and returns from CME accreditation, events’ development, publication fees, advertisements in IHA journals, other education and publication services, and donations and grants. Membership in IHA is open to all healthcare professionals, medical, nursing, pharmacy and all health related schools, healthcare development and consultancy agencies and organizations. IHA relies for the planning, development and implementation of its services and activities on a team of distinguished staff and network of specialised international healthcare experts and medical practitioners in all fields of medical education and healthcare development.

IHA adopts the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) as its improvement strategy to deliver excellence and exceed stakeholder expectations. People, networks, programmes, systems, processes and technology are core tenets for such improvement. IHA is committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence, for which it undertakes regular assessment and review of its activities, programmes and services to meet the current needs of its stakeholders. With this vision, IHA adopts the concept of utilizing CME as a bridge towards quality in healthcare services. IHA adopts also the concept of healthcare sustainability.

IHA has accredited many CME events independently or in collaboration with other event accrediting bodies. Among these events COMBAT MI Egypt, Arab Health in 2009, events developed for the Dubai Ministry of Health plus ,many other events. With this respect, IHA has supported the establishment of the Arab Alliance of Medical Education and the Pan Arab Angiology College.

IHA is now publishing five medical journals, Pan Arab Angiology Journal, the Libyan Journal of Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacology, The International Journal Hospital Environment and Hygiene Management, the Libyan Dental Journal and the Libyan Journal of Surgery. IHA pkans to publish other medical journals and is ready to assist other stakeholders who wish to publish medical journals provided that they are intended to cover publication gaps.

IHA is also involved currently in the development of web based packages for different types of questionnaires and research programmes that can be utilised by teaching staff, researchers and students at medical schools that are affiliated to the IHA. Other web based programmes and regisytration packages are available for use by ministries of health and other health institutions and organizations working within healthcare services.

IHA is also concerned about patient education and works currently with this regard, in partnership with different organizations to establish special events and publications and in dissiminating of simple information about different health aspects.. The projects that IHA established with this regard ranges from patient information ranges from printed patient information about certain diseases and health related problems.

Today, IHA medical education events, packages services as well as journals improve the quality the lives of thousands of people across the whole world by developing the professional skills of healthcare providers that are critical for success in the healthcare services. Patients are also benefit directly from IHA orientation programmes.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We dedicate ourselves to being recognised as one of the key leaders in medical education and publication with a clear aim in our mind that both should be utilised in CME atmosphere as brides to quality healthcare services!

To get there, we have made commitments to our:
-Healthcare providers — to help them to achieve the skills and knowledge as per the last evidence based medicine
-Institutions — to create an environment where hospitals, ministries of health and medical schools can excel
-Communities — to make a real difference in our communities in terms of health services
-Patients — to help patients getting engaged in healthcare services
-Stakeholders — to generate strong total returns for our supporters that increases their interest in supporting our programmes and publications

Our Team

Our Team

At IHA, healthcare providers, administrators, healthcare receivers (patients) institutions and nevertheless our team are the keys to achieving our vision of being recognized as the leader in medical education and publication, so we work hard to create an environment that acknowledges our teams’ unique talents, contributions and accomplishments.We offer our members leading-edge strategies that provide an exciting vision of the future. Whether you are an individual contributor in our events, a reader of one of our journals or part of a larger institution, IHA shares accountability with all healthcare providers in shaping their careers and in providing real opportunities to learn and grow within their specialities. Every team member at IHA either directly serves healthcarteam are accountable for fulfilling the responsibilities of their jobs and striving for the highest level of performance. This is especially important when it comes to making decisions that affect our customers.
Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the healthcare providers to get the most updated information and to develop the basic and advanced skills related to their fields of practice. We believe that CME events should always be developed according to real educational needs and to cover existing educational gaps in knowledge and skills. We are also very particular to help the healthcare providers maintain a sense of understanding and compassion for their patients. As part of this, we are committed to partner and affiliate with institutions of medical education, medical schools, hospitals and universities in order to provide a framework that enables the healthcare providers to develop their skills whether they are attached to universities or working in district healthcare centres. We have no limits to our expectations and we would like to work very closely with all healthcare professionals and stakeholders who are seriously committed to apply TQM in healthcare services and utilise medical education and CME as a bridge to improve the quality of healthcare services.
Our Agenda

Our Agenda

Participate actively in designing of modern healthcare delivery systems via providing and partnering with those who provide medical education style that focuses on patient engagement, disease prevention, and coordination of high quality, cost-effective care through all stages of life. Our agenda is based on a very simple fact that in order to improve healthcare systems to the modern concepts according to proven evidence based medicine, medical education should be used as a tool to implement those changes and make them happening. This needs dedication, support and a lot of common work with other organisations and we are open to all that. Our practical agenda is thus based on providing CME events, assisting in accrediting events for CME, publish journals and books and assisting in establishing new journals.
IHA Conference Center

Full Events Organizing Services

we provide inspiration and education with best user experience

Event Planning

We help you planning your event from the scratch to the end. Planning the scientific programme, selecting the key speakers, printing the conference kit and marketing plan, developing and hosting the conference web site, full online and onsite desk registration services, compiling and coordinating convention bids.

Abstract Book

We help you designing and printing the abstract book, which we provide also in electronic format (storage usb or DVD).

Venue Finding

We provide information and advice that helps you to select the most appropriate venue for your event. We negotiate with the venue provider the facilities, accommodation, social activities, etc.

Desk Registration

We provide information and advice that helps you to select the most appropriate venue for your event. We negotiate with the venue provider the facilities, accommodation, social activities, etc.

CME Accreditation

We help you getting the appropriate CME accreditation for your event. We check and treat along with you any conflict of interest. We work together with the scientific organizing committee to look at the event’s objectives and educational gaps and to assess the educational needs.


We help you organizing the certificates of attendance that shows the actual attending CME hours.  Upon request, we provide full monitoring of the attendance so that an accurate record of attendance is achieved.

Social events and graduation:

We help you organizing all social activities, spouse programmes, Opening ceremony, Gala dinner, Graduation ceremony, etc.

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meet our team

our team is the key to achieving our vision of being recognized as the leader in medical education and publication, so we work hard to create an environment that acknowledges our team’s unique talents, contributions and accomplishments.

Prof Abdu Salam El Gatit, MBChB, MD, PhD, SCTS

Dean of International Health Academy
Chairman of Cardiac Surgery Program,
OZOMED Virtual Hospital,
Dean of International Health Academy

Uppsala, Sweden
Speak Arabic, English and Swedish