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As a publisher of medical and health information, the International Health Academy (IHA) helps physicians, and other healthcare providers make critical decisions and improve clinical outcomes by providing continuing medical education and evidence based medical information. IHA helps as well medical researchers and students to update their knowledge.

IHA partners with scientific societies, universities, academic centres and other organizations to provide full range of publication services including hosting, peer reviewing, CME-article accreditation, Pub med- and other medical data base indexing, marketing and e mail aletrting and shoting.

Hereunder is a list of currently published journals:


The Libyan e-health Jourmal

Welcome to Le-hj

The Libyan e-Health Journal (Le-hj) is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal. The Le-hj provides a forum for e-health publication of high-quality scholarly papers in e-Healthcare Information Systems. 

The objectives of the le-hj are to bridge the gap between advances in health informatics  and ithe local and regional needs of healthcare systems, and to provide free access to current research and industrial work within e-health and health informatics aiming to improve healthcare systems in Libya and in regional countries.

We invite research  papers that encompass conceptual analysis, design implementation and  performance evaluation in the field of e-health and health informatics. The paper submissions, peer review process and publications in the le-hj free (no fees are applied). Authors retain the publishing rights without restrictions.


The Libyan Dental Journal

The Libyan Dental Journal (LDJ) is a peer-reviewed and open access journal [ISSN: 2001-1822]. LDJ was founded by the International Health Academy (IHA) in November 2011 aiming to fill the publication gap in the various branches of Dentistry in the Arab countries and surrounding areas. Articles can be submitted in either English or Arabic.


The Libyan Journal of Surgery

The Libyan Journal of Surgery (LJS) is an online peer-reviewed journal in Surgery, owned and published by the International Health Academy (IHA). LJS publishes original articles, and review articles from all surgical specialities to cover the interests of our regional and international readership that consists of surgeons from all surgical specialities and continents.

Libyan Medical Journal

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