This portal is dedicated for all conferences organzied by the International Health Academy. Most of these conferences are initiated and fully organized by IHA. Some of the conferences belong to other organizations and societies but organized and hosted by IHA.

The Annual Congress of the Arab Alliance for Medical Education

Call For Abstract

Arab Alliance for Medical Education (AAME) was established in May, 2010 by the International Health Academy (IHA) in collaboration with leading medical professors in the Arab world. The aim is to optimize medical education in the Arab world. AAME focuses continuing medical education (CME) and continuing professional development to provide solutions to bridge healthcare quality gaps.


AAME is pleased to announce the launching of the 1st Congress of the Arab Alliance for Medical Education, to be held between 6-7 September 2016 in Marrakesh, Morocco. We encourage AAME members, medical teaching staff to register in the congress and participate by submitting an abstract. The content of the 1 AAME will focus on Medical curriculum reform, CME, CPD, Arabization of medical education, research development, Arab board training, postgraduate training outside of the Arab World. Medical license to practice medicine in the Arab world, EU countries and in North America.   

The Annual Congress of the AAME, will be held every year in a different Arabic city and is the premiere meeting for sharing and discussing medical education, medical research, showcasing continuing education, best medical practices, and providing direction for the future of these fields. Congress is sponsored by non-restricted grants from the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) and from the International Academy (IHA).


Abstracts are now being accepted for the 1st Congress of the Arab Alliance for Medical Education.

Submission deadline for abstracts July 30, 2016

Submit your abstract online:

If you experience any problem in submitting your abstract online, you can always send it to the congress e mail:

For further information on AAME and about its annual congress and the congress, please visit our official web site: www.aameducation for more details.


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The 16th Scientific Congress of the Association of the Colleges of Pharmacy in the Arab World

The 16th Scientific Congress of the Association of the Colleges of Pharmacy in the Arab World will be an engaging and inspirational gathering of Pharmaceutical and Medical professionals, educators and policy makers primarily from the Arab world with invited speakers from around the globe. It should be an outstanding opportunity for exchanging ideas and experience and is open for registration to all who wish to participate. The aim is to develop a new model for pharmacy education and practice in the Arab region with the intention of affirming as well as improving the overall quality of patient care while fulfilling the community needs in general. 

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ORDERING A PRESCRIPTION, Knowledge Gaps and Implications for Role Performance

This course is designed to provide essential education abiut the art of prescription wuth the aim of improving prescription practice and reducing prescription errors, The programme includes lectures, interactive sessions and case scenariors.

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Doctors-Patients Communication

This intensive course focuses on the doctors-patients communication. Over two days, the lecturers will discuss in details the different aspects and complexity of this relationship.

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This Course is a CME event developed by the International Health Academy and International Academy of CME for the Ministry of Health UAE in the period 28-29 June 2010. The course is administred by the Experts Centre, Dubai, UAE. The venue is Al Barah Hospital Conference Halls, Dubai, UAE. The course is fully sponsored by the Ministry of Health UAE and all participants are preselected by the Ministry and are allowed free of charge. Those candidates who are not wrking in the Ministry of Health UAE and candidtaes from other countries should contact the Experts Centre for registration.

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Duplex Vascular Ultrasound Course 1

Target Audience:  
Physicians interested in vascular ultrasound,  cardiologists, internists, radiologists, vascular surgeons and primary physicians working in settings with vascular duplex facilities, nurses involved in vascular screening.

Course Objectives:
1) To learn the technical details of how to perform vascular ultrasound
2) To learn the interpretation of vascular ultrasound
3) To discuss recorded cases of normal and various vascular pathologies
4) To discuss the applications of Duplex ultrasound in current vascular practice
5) To perform and interpret vascular ultrasound cases

Why is it important for Ministry of Health to Support this Course:
Learning vascular scanning is cost effective for the healthcare provision. It has been shown that, proper applications of Vascular Duplex cuts down many unneccesary expensive CT and MR scannings as well as save many lives. It became essential for the vascular surgeons and angiologists to learn the techniques of Vascular Duplex even if they have specialized vascular ultrasonorgapgers. It has also shown that learning some primary physicians and nurses working in setting that have Duplex machines helps in early detection of serious vascular conditions such as Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm and DVT, and cuts down many unnecessary referrals to the specialized vascular units. It is simple, non- invasive, painless and quick.

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The First Pan Arab Angiology Congress 27-29 May, 2011

The First Pan Arab Angiology Congress is the first scientific gathering of all physicians working in the field of cardiovascular branch including cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, vascular surgeons, cardiovascular imaging and vascular radiologists and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular angiologists and intervetionalists. It is organized in Dubai, UAE in the period 27-29 May, 2011 by the Pan Arab Angiology College in collaboration with the International Union of Angiology (IUA) and Pan Arab Vascular Surgery Association (PAVA).

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